Master Classes

Proton presents a series of Master Classes throughout the year, to assist students in achieving their individual academic goals.

These programs will concentrate on the various skills required for maximising success in the VCE Modern Greek assessments and examination. They are designed to help the student prepare for assessments (SAC)s throughout the year and for the final VCE exam. Students will be given information and ideas as well as the latest up to date requirements for successful completion of all required tasks in the VCE curriculum.

Essay Workshop – ΕΚΘΕΣΗ

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Proton Tutoring offers an interactive seminar to help students practice and perfect their Greek essay writing skills.

Students will be provided with take-home material to help improve their Greek vocabulary and inspire them to think creatively about their themes and topics.

Grammar Seminars – ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΙΚΗ

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Proton Tutoring offers a two-part workshop to help students practice and improve their Greek grammar skills.

The first workshop of the Γραμματική series will focus on verbs, and the second workshop will combine nouns and adjectives.