About Us

     Proton Tutoring Services offers quality Greek tutoring across all year levels in Melbourne, Victoria. 
     Our sessions operate as one-on-one or small groups, depending on the needs and ability of students. In addition to private tuition, we host a series of VCE exam preparation seminars and workshops open to all new and existing students.
     All Proton students benefit from flexible session arrangements, curriculum that is designed and tailored to each individual student and take-home study materials and homework exercises.
     Our experienced bilingual and native Greek speaking instructors tailor sessions to suit the individual ability levels of the class.
     Situated at numerous locations throughout Melbourne our classes do not exceed 5 students per session to ensure that students feel comfortable in their learning environment whilst achieving success in Greek language acquisition.
     Our instructors make learning engaging. They create and maintain positive learning environments and use a repertoire of teaching strategies to consolidate and enhance student knowledge and skills.
     With specifically designed content and material, our instructors draw on a body of professional knowledge and research to respond to the needs of the students within the educational contexts.
     Proton tutoring services are recommended for:
  • Students wanting to supplement their Greek language studies;
  • Students seeking to advance their skills and prepare for VCE Greek;
  • Students with little Greek language background and eduction who are interested in commencing Greek studies;
  • Students of all ages who have a passion and desire to learn Greek.
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