“In unity there is strength…”

cropped-proton_logo_jpg2.jpgOn Sunday 6 May 2018, Proton Teachers had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the1st Conference by the Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria (MGTAV), which focused on the professional learning of Secondary Teachers and Instructors.

Whilst our #teachersthoughts about Sunday’s presentations will follow in future posts, we wanted to dedicate this post to the great work that MGTAV has undertaken over the past few years and to encourage all Modern Greek teachers and instructors to get behind the association and support their valuable work.

Every conference, seminar and event organised by MGTAV can benefit the professional development of teachers and expand their pedagogical “toolkit”.

As Proton Teachers, we certainly feel after Sunday’s conference, that the insights and approaches presented and discussed can inform and enrich our teaching practices and methods. We therefore would like to encourage you and invite you to also attend MGTAV’s future professional learning sessions and we urge you to embrace such opportunities to further your professional development.

Whilst talking with fellow colleagues about MGTAV and its activities, we recognised the great lengths the association has gone to in order to provide a range of services to its members. From our conversations, we noticed that MGTAV’s work has inspired many ideas for the future and a lot of ways that it can contribute to Modern Greek education in Victoria. As Maria Dikaiou, MGTAV President, beautifully stated, “this is our association”. All ideas and plans are welcome and everyone is encouraged to approach the association and participate. The first step is to become a MGTAV member.

You can follow this link here in order to find out more information about your MGTAV membership. http://www.mgtav.asn.au/membership.html

Being an MGTAV member provides teachers with the opportunity to meet other language teachers so that they can share ideas and collaborate. MGTAV runs a number of Professional Development sessions throughout the year, providing numerous opportunities to every member to improve their pedagogical praxis. MGTAV members receive discounts when registering for these events. Furthermore, being a member is a great way to stay informed about everything that is happening in Victoria, regarding Greek education and culture, including employment opportunities, exhibitions, programs and events.

Finally, we must remember, that the most important reason to join and support MGTAV is that its members have the opportunity to contribute to Greek learning in Victoria. By supporting MGTAV, you are supporting the teaching of Modern Greek and helping Greek language teachers unite; and in the wise words of Aesop, “In unity there is strength…”

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