Proton Tutoring proudly presents the second seminar of the Γραμματική series.Nouns & Adjectives

Sharpen you Greek Grammar knowledge with our 

Nouns & Adjectives Seminar (Part B).

This series will cover the material students need to improve their spelling and sentence structuring abilities and will provide them with a better understanding of how to improve their expression. 

This intensive 3-hour seminar is highly recommended for:

i)   VCE students revising before their Outcomes and Exams;

ii)  Year 9 & 10 students, who seek a better understanding of Greek Grammar;

iii) All students who would like to improve their grammar skills.

Students will be provided with take-home materials for additional practice and revision.

Seminar Fees:

Part B – Nouns & Adjectives (01/08/15) $50

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